Employment Disciplinary Procedures, Tips for Employees

Being Disciplined at work can come as a shock and it often feels unfair. However, your employer is allowed to Discipline people, and should have a written employment disciplinary procedures of which all employees have been made aware.

The principle of an employer’s Disciplinary procedure is to help ensure compliance with company policy, legislation and to address performance issues in a consistent manner, treating all staff equally & fairly.  Your employer’s Disciplinary Policy should be in writing detailing the procedure and  the progressive stages of the process. As a general rule disciplinary procedures allow for informal warnings, and progression to written warnings and ultimately to dismissal.

Employment Disciplinary Procedures Ireland

Employment Disciplinary Procedures

Company policy will normally allow for preliminary enquiries with the staff member involved and where possible deal with the matter informally. If this is not appropriate the line Supervisor/Manager may decide to refer the matter for further investigation or to the company Disciplinary procedure. Best practice suggests Disciplinary hearings should not be scheduled until the matter of concern has undergone a full investigation, the outcome of which finds that there is a case to answer.

If your are subject to your Employment Disciplinary Procedures Meeting Tips For Employees and asked to attend a Disciplinary Hearing, you should be informed in writing, not less than 24 hours before the meeting is scheduled. The letter inviting you to the hearing should include;

  • The matter of concern/complaint against you
  • Date, time and venue for the hearing
  • Who will chair the meeting
  • Who will attend as Notetaker
  • Any evidence that will be used in the decision making process
  • The possibility of Disciplinary Action/Dismissal

As the subject of the procedure you are entitled to the following rights:

  • The right to know the allegations against you.
  • The right to a fair and impartial hearing.
  • The right to representation.
  • The right to state your case.
  • The right to appeal.

If you do not receive these rights, the process is deemed as unfair.

If you like further advice or support through employment disciplinary procedures please email info@workmattersireland.ie or call 0852406026.