CV Design really is important. There is no substitute for a good CV. Employers, hiring managers & recruiters will have a multitude CVs to work through and will spend just a number of seconds looking at each CV before making the decision to accept or reject.

Whether you are a school-leaver, graduate or an experienced professional, a great CV design will help grab attention and avoid a quick rejection. Your CV should showcase what you have to offer; your experience, skills and achievements. The aim of the CV is to get you an interview-in the interview, you can work on getting the job! With this in mind the best approach is to keep it simple; in a format that clearly and concisely shows your;

  • Contact information
  • Professional profile
  • Work experience
  • Key skills
  • Education and qualification
CV Design

Read through your CV and check;

  • Your CV design is clear and easy to read?
  • The layout logical, beginning with your most recent employment?
  • It show yours experience, qualifications, and skills
  • Your employment history is complete with no unexplained gaps.
  • Does your CV standout and showcase you as a quality candidate?
  • There are no spelling or grammar mistakes.

Remember, your CV is your shop window; a marketing tool to sell you as a strong candidate; it should be clear, confident and focused. However, selling yourself is not easy for everybody; we often feel a little awkward promoting ourselves, and just as often overlook some of our best selling points.
That’s why having someone else do your CV can be of real benefit; and this is where we can help and provide you with a professional, expert perspective to create your best CV.

If you need further advice on your CV design email; or call 0852406026.