Prior to Work Matters, James McEvoy has supported a diverse range of private SME’s, not-for-profit and public sector Organisations. He has fifteen years experience in Senior Management positions in addition to ten years working in HR & Employment Law roles.

With a unique background in Retail, Sales & Human Resource Management along with several years experience as HR and Employment Law Advisor to cross sector organisations.

At Work Matters, James brings practical Human Resource Management experience combined with expert employment law knowledge to provide a unique specialised service to employees experiencing difficulties in the workplace

James is passionate about employee rights and fairness in the workplace. His knowledge & expertise has assisted employees through difficult and stressful situations including; employment law issues, work entitlements, Performance Management, Disciplinary & Grievance procedures Redundancy, Equality, Discrimination & TUPE scenarios.


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What we do:

Work Matters provides expert, professional and affordable workplace advice and support to employees. We provide tailored services designed to support the needs and circumstances of each individual employee.

In Ireland, employees are protected by a range of legal employment rights, which are governed by employment legislation and form an integral part of the employer/employee relationship. These rights are sometimes infringed or contravened by employers, often unwittingly and often knowingly.

Employee rights are breached in many areas; payment of wages, holidays, breaks and protected leave, working hours and others. Bullying, Harassment & Victimisation are also common in the modern day workplace while Performance Management/Disciplinary process can sometimes be used unfairly.

Whatever the reason or circumstance, when rights or entitlements are withheld; there is a significant negative impacts on the employee including; work related stress, high absenteeism and ultimately resignation, where the employee feel that is the only to deal with the problem. Option they have no option but to resign or be subject to a These impacts range from frustration and unhappiness in work, to resignation and right through to direct discrimination, unfair selection for redundancy and even unfair dismissal.

Expensive legal fees along with a lack of support are often the reasons employees do not seek to address issues in the work place. Work Matters offers an affordable service to support employees through difficult workplace situations including; Grievance/Disciplinary/Redundancy & Unfair Dismissal providing much-needed expert advice and personal support to address workplace conflict.

  • Are your rights as an employee being infringed or ignored?
  • Are you the victim of bullying or have been unfairly dismissed?
  • Have you experienced discrimination at work?
  • Are you being paid correctly?
  • Are you getting your rest breaks, and statutory annual leave entitlements?
  • Are you confused about your rights in a particular work situation?
  • Are you wondering if you have a valid claim and how best to proceed?

How we do it:

We have experience of working with employees in the following industries; Professional Services, Retail, Hospitality, Finance, Logistics & Transport, Construction, Facilities Management, Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare.

Every client is personally consulted, advised and guided through the process to help reach resolution. Our consultation process is based on getting to know you as a client, your employer’s culture, and the most effective way to manage your individual circumstance. Our personal approach is intended to save you time, stress and money while you engage in your employer’s internal procedures and when necessary, represent you in proceedings at the Workplace Relations Commission.

Why choose Work Matters:

  • Unique service dedicated to employees
  • Affordable, expert advice.
  • Tailored, flexible service.
  • Pay as you go
  • Open and transparent process

Whether you require third party representation, support through an internal process or simply some advice, email